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Restoration of facades at the Meliá Lebreros Hotel in Seville

The charm of Seville resides in its cobbled streets, historic landmarks, and the unique atmosphere that envelops the city. In the midst of this enchantment, you'll find the Meliá Lebreros Hotel, a luxurious oasis of hospitality in the heart of the Andalusian capital. The beauty of this hotel is not only found within its interior but also in its facade, which has recently undergone a magnificent restoration.

The facade of a building is its calling card, the first impression that visitors have of the place. The Meliá Lebreros Hotel understood this perfectly when it decided to carry out a complete restoration of its facade. The task was not easy, but the final result has been nothing short of spectacular.

The facade of the Meliá Lebreros Hotel, which stands imposingly on one of the most emblematic avenues of Seville, required a renovation. Over the years, exposure to the sun and the urban atmosphere had left their mark on the building's surface.

It began with a meticulous cleaning of the facade to remove years of dirt and pollution. Then, the restoration of the slats and architectural details began, including chipping the edges of the forged pieces for a complete restoration, returning everything to its original state by using the same handmade tiles.

The restoration of the facade of the Meliá Lebreros Hotel aimed not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to ensure durability. High-quality materials were used, and restoration techniques were applied to ensure that the facade remains in excellent condition for decades.

Today, the Meliá Lebreros Hotel showcases an impeccable facade that reflects its status as one of the most elegant hotels in Seville. In addition to the restoration of its facades, roofing waterproofing works were undertaken using the application of hot polyurea.

Year | 2019
City | Sevilla
Customer | Meliá Hotels International


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