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Quality and environment

BAUNOVA PROYECTOS Y CONSTRUCCION SL. is a company dedicated to the construction and execution of buildings, both residential and industrial.

The approach to quality so present in our sector has been followed by our organization for years, although it is today when our principles are written. The organization of BAUNOVA has as one of its commitments the full satisfaction of our customers by seeing their expectations met service after service, and it tries to ensure that these commitments last over time through a commitment to sustainable development and pollution prevention.

The starting points that base our operation are:

  • Personal treatment towards the client always looking for the solution that best suits them.

  • Compliance with deadlines and speed of response.

  • Give a helpful and friendly treatment at all times.

  • Acting in a respectful way with the environment and preventing pollution.


BAUNOVA, as well as its staff, is convinced that this can only be achieved through:

  • An exhaustive control of the company's processes that allows us to identify our errors and identify opportunities for improvement, especially our purchasing processes and management of our suppliers.

  • The commitment to improvement continues.

  • Fluid communication with our environment, clients, authorities.

  • Proper maintenance of our infrastructure.

  • Ongoing training and awareness of staff and those who work on our behalf.

  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that we acquire with our clients and environmental aspects.

  • Satisfy all the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • Continuously train our staff.

  • Use the RISK ASSESSMENT methodology of the processes to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of our management system.


This Policy must be communicated, understood and applied by all, considering the Management of BAUNOVA as the first to assume the guidelines described. It will be available to relevant interested parties.

In Seville on March 27, 2018.

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